vSphere Performance Monitoring - Volume 2 aka The 2020 version

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This page summarizes the 2020 version of my vSphere Performance monitoring series. Originally I did this series in 2017 and you can find those posts here

The original series was based on Powershell scripts pulling vSphere metrics to an InfluxDB timeseries database and visualizing the metrics with Grafana. The 2020 series still uses Grafana and InfluxDB, but the metrics are now pulled with the Telegraf agent from InfluxData.

The list of posts in this series will be added as they are published, most of them are quite lengthy and they build on eachother. Still you should be able to jump in anywhere and get some valid pointers.

Part 1 - Intro

Part 2 - Configuring Telegraf

Part 3 - Building Grafana dashboards

Part 4 - Dashboard grouping and filtering

Part 5 - Dashboard variables

Part 6 - The Stat panel

Part 7 - More panels

Part 8 - Manual InfluxDB queries

Part 9 - Rows and repeating

Part 10 - Finished dashboards

Part 11 - InfluxDB https and authentication


This is an overview of the different dashboards used and created in this series.

To see how you can import these dashboards check this post

Other dashboards

As always there are other great minds that have created dashboards, check out these for more inspiration

This page was modified on August 26, 2020: Added part 11