HPE Oneview Global Dashboard Powershell Module

Recently I’ve worked a bit with the HPE OneView Global Dashboard. I was surprised to see that HPE hadn’t created a Powershell Module for it so I decided to create one my self

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iLO Amplifier finally connected to InfoSight

ilo amplifier infosight

HPE launched their InfoSight for servers back in January and as we have been using InfoSight for both Nimble and lately for our 3PAR systems we wanted to bring our compute into the mix as well

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Installing iLO Amplifier Pack

firmware oneview

HPE recently announced that their HPE InfoSight service now supports servers. This is something we have been waiting for and we’re eager to check out the new functionality

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HPE PDU Powershell module

As a follow-up of my exploration of the HPE PDU REST API I wanted to create a Powershell module as a wrapper for the API. I’ve previously written a post on how to create a Powershell module as a wrapper for an API here. The PDU module will be built in the same way where there will be a private function that handles the actual API requests

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Exploring the HPE G2 PDU REST API

api pdu redfish rest hardware

Lately I’ve been playing around with the Redfish based REST API in the HPE G2 Metered and Switched Power Distribution Units. Through the API you are able to pull some details about the PDU as well as different utilization data. Based on your PDUs capabilities you should also be able to control different outlets. My focus has been to pull some details about the PDUs, and to pull the load on the different segments.

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Automate disabling of IPMI over LAN access on HPE iLO

This article will describe how you can disable the IPMI over LAN access on HPE iLO. The IPMI protocol can present a security vulnerability where the authentication process for IPMI requires a server to send a hash of a user password to the client before authentication. This is not a new vulnerability and since this is a part of the specification of the protocol there is no fix for it besides disabling it or accepting it.

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Extending the firmware repository in HPE OneView

appliance oneview

This is a short post on how to extend the internal firmware repository in HPE OneView. The procedure is documented in the installation guide for 3.0, but if you are like me chances are that you don’t have that lying around so I thought I’d write up a short post on it for future reference. The process is pretty straight forward: Shut down the appliance Extend the hard disk to 275GB* Start the appliance The repository should be extended, if not do a manual restart

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Industrialising remote offices with VMware vSAN

Recently we received lots of new hardware destined for a customer that has multiple locations world-wide. They need a robust server solution for their production environments locally. The environment is small in terms of number of VMs, but there is high demands on the environment and we need local hardware at the sites as the connections to these sites varies and they are not fast enough at all times. Lots of racks

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HPE iLO affects ESXi management agents - hosts in "not responding"

bug hardware oneview vcenter

The last months we have had several issues with ESXi hosts going in a «Not responding» status. The VMs are still active and online in this scenario, but the ESXi cannot be managed. This also affets backup as it won’t be able to reach the VMs through the APIs. Previously we have normally just restarted the management agents on the host and it has been able to connect to vCenter and after this we have managed to migrate the VMs off the host.

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Upgrading to HPE OneView 4.1 - Failed!

oneview upgrade

After the release of the new and shiny version 4.1 of HPE OneView we have tried to upgrade one of our (smaller) OneView instances. The update process is usually quite straight forward and it gets better in every release. The upgrade to 4.0 from 3.x had some issues with certificate handling post-upgrade, but it was manageable. The upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1 should not be affected by the same so I had great hopes about a smooth upgrade.

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