.NET core gotcha

Recently I’ve been messing around with the new .NET Core. I’ve created a class library which I’m using in an ASP.NET Core Web API. Firstly, at least before 1.1, I couldn’t add a reference to the class library just by giving it the .dll file. I needed to create a NuGet package of my library and publish it to a NuGet feed. I set up a local NuGet feed and added it as a source in VS and were able to add my code.

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Issue after migration of project.json

I have recently installed Visual Studio 2017 and with that started to migrate some of my .NET Core projects to the new .csproj Check out this post by Steve Gordon to get more background insight on the migration This looks easy enough with the migration wizard in VS. And the first try on a class library seemed to work just fine. However when revisiting the project a couple of days after the migration I get this in VS 2017:

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