vSphere Performance - Visualizing data around the world with the Grafana Worldmap panel

We’re always looking out for new ways to visualize our performance data. Most often to aid our troubleshooting, but sometimes most for fun. This is one of those times. Let’s check out how we can visualize our compute usage across the world!

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Second time vExpert


A couple of weeks ago I got the exciting news that I was accepted as a VMware vExpert for the second time. This award is a huge achievement for me and I’m humbled to be included in a community with so many top individuals, many of which I have learned so much from over many years

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PXE boot and install ESXi 6.7 U1 - remember to use correct boot files

pxe upgrade deployment

This is a short revisit of an earlier blog post on automating ESXi installation through PXE booting and Kickstart scripts

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It's a pass - Thoughts on the VCAP DCV deploy exam

certification vcap vsphere

Late last week I finally got my results from the VCAP DCV deploy exam which I sat mid-December. I was of course extremely pleased to learn I had passed the exam. In this post I will share some of my thoughts on the exam.

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Automating two-node vSAN cluster setup

In a previous post I described how we are setting up remote offices for a customer with two-node vSAN clusters. I meant to get this post out right after that previous one, but things happened… Anyways, here’s how we automated those two-node vSAN clusters. Currently we have 7 of these racks ready with more to come. As these will be installed at distant locations we are extra keen on knowing that they are all configured as they should, and that the configuration is the same cross these multiple locations.

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vSphere Performance - vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) monitoring

This post is a (late) follow-up on a previous post I did about exploring the monitoring endpoints of the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA), and an addition to the vSphere Performance blog series. Now we will add performance metrics and health status of the VCSA to our monitoring solution. We’ll utilize the REST APIs in vCenter and feed the data into our Influx database and visualize it in Grafana. In vCenter we have the Appliance Management page also refered to as the VAMI.

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Slides from my VMworld session

vbrownbag vmworld

Last week I did a session about Performance monitoring at VMworld Europe in Barcelona. The session was part of the VMTN Techtalks with vBrownBag. The slides (without the video demos) and the script used in the demo is available at Github. The session was recorded and can be seen on Youtube. Thanks to all that attended the session and to those watched it live on Twitch or have seen the recording afterwards.

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VMworld 2018 comes to an end


VMworld 2018 is over. As always I’m leaving with lots of great impressions and lots of content to digest and further explore over the coming weeks. I think it has been even clearer after this year that VMware is focusing on their Cloud strategy together with partners like AWS and IBM, that vSAN is the storage solution they want you to go forward with and that together with NSX this will be the base for the future.

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Upgrading the VCSA and converting to embedded PSC

This week I’ve been playing in our vCenter lab and tested the upgrade to 6.7 U1 and also changing the deployment type to vCenter with embedded PSC. I must say that the vCenter team has done a great job on the upgrade process over the last year. Both our migration from the Windows vCenter to the VCSA as well as the upgrade of a VCSA works well and there are lots of great documentation.

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Industrialising remote offices with VMware vSAN

Recently we received lots of new hardware destined for a customer that has multiple locations world-wide. They need a robust server solution for their production environments locally. The environment is small in terms of number of VMs, but there is high demands on the environment and we need local hardware at the sites as the connections to these sites varies and they are not fast enough at all times. Lots of racks

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