Next week I’ll set out on a ‘VMUG tour’ where I’ll attend and speak at both the Trondheim, Bergen and Oslo branches of VMUG Norway

Monitoring url endpoints with Grafana, Azure and more

After moving my blog to the Hugo platform hosted on Netlify I lost the uptime monitoring I had through Jetpack on Wordpress. As I’ve worked quite a bit with Grafana I knew about their Worldping service, but I haven’t had any real need to test it before now. Now I had the perfect reason for checking it out.

Moving to Hugo

Last weekend I completed the preparations for moving this blog from Wordpress to Hugo. I have been considering this a few times, but never really had the time or energy to go the full length. Until now..

Second time vExpert

A couple of weeks ago I got the exciting news that I was accepted as a VMware vExpert for the second time. This award is a huge achievement for me and I’m humbled to be included in a community with so many top individuals, many of which I have learned so much from over many years