Back to the Future

A short career update:

For the last 3 and a half years I've been working for Proact IT in Norway primarly as a senior consultant working with different customers. I have also been contracted through VMware Professional Services (PSO).

The role as a consultant was totally new for me, and I have had some great experiences with some exciting customer projects, and of course the amazing SDDC team lead by Christian Mohn.

Now, however, time has come to re-join my previous gig at Intility. A multi-tenant service provider based in Norway.

There's several reasons for this change, but one of the biggest ones was that I want to be a part of building out the cloud platform serving more than 600 companies.

This change will result in somewhat less focus on parts of the VMware product line, but I will still be a avid homelab user and will try to keep the blog running albeight with less frequent updates.

Thumbnail Photo by Markus Winkler

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