Aria and Tanzu announcements from VMware Explore US 2023

VMware Explore US is here and with that there'll be announcements with new features, updates and projects from VMware across their business units (BU).

This post will focus on some of the news from the BU covering the Aria and Tanzu portfolios as announced during the Explore Keynote.

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One portfolio?

Will this be the year where they announce the merge of the two portfolios?

Since the two have been part of the same businnes unit for some time, and there's both some overlapping features and at definetely several integrations between them, I suspect that there is or at least has been plans on merging the two.

In my mind I can see both pro's and cons with such a merge, but I think that we'll have to wait and see what the Broadcom aquisition brings and if and if so what they'll spin out of the portfolio before a full merge will take place.


In short all features announced and from the BU is categorized in three categories: Develop, Operate and Optimize which corresponds to the former Build, Run and Manage which was used earlier in the Tanzu portfolio.

VMware Platform engineering approach

A rough overview of products mapped to these three categories

Products and categories


VMware is still very focused on multi-cloud, and now also bringing in a lot of AI capabilities in their management tools which is interesting, although it will probably bring a even bigger gap in the capabilities that can be delivered on-prem vs in the cloud.

The Tanzu portfolio is still very much alive and it's great to see my favorite product TMC get more features, but it will be interesting to see where the Tanzu runtime will go in the future.

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