Release of HPE OneView 4.1

oneview vcenter

Recently HPE released version 4.1 of their management platform, OneView. We use OneView extensively in our environment and are always looking out for new functionality and features in the product. Version 4.1 comes with some new promising features. Secure remote troubleshooting with Remote Technician Reduced downtime for firmware and driver updates for HPE ProLiant servers Simplified cluster management and rolling updates Especially the ability to schedule firmware upgrades and rolling updates on a vSphere cluster sounds exiting and are very welcome.

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Automating iLO config and OneView setup for HPE servers

We have quite a few Blade Enclosures with BL460c server blades in them and have been happy with those. For managing these we are primarly using HPE OneView and in some cases the Onboard Administrator (OA). Our latest batch of new hardware however was DL360 and DL380 rack servers. These will also be managed by OneView primarly, but initially we need to do some iLO config on each server which in the case of blades are done by the OA.

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HPE OneView 4 - First look

oneview hardware

HPE released it’s 4th version of their OneView management appliance late in December. While version 3 was a great deal better than v2 and v1 I have some expectations on this release as well. I think all versions have had value and the new features and functionalities presented has been for the better. Still it wasn’t until version 3 I really felt that it was a solid product. We’ve run v3 for almost as long as it has been available and have been happy with it.

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Firmware update HPE Onboard Administrator

In our environment we have several HPE Blade Chassis systems. The chassis is managed with the Onboard Administrator (OA) which consists of one or two management modules. Like all other hardware these modules have components that needs firmware to run. And firmware needs to be kept updated to fix bugs, add features, new hardware compatibility and mitigate security risks. It’s also a good thing to keep it pretty close to the iLO version updates on your blades as I suspect HPE might not test newer iLO against a lot of old OA version.

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OneView crash - Error in log file content

bug oneview

This weekend our primary OneView appliance crashed. This particular OneView appliance handles 10 blade chassis and over 120 blade servers As OneView handles¬†only the management side of the hardware nothing in production was affected by this crash. TLDR; There is a bug in version 3.10.04 which doesn’t delete expired sessions. This is fixed in version 3.10.07 A few troubleshooting steps was taken initially. First we restarted the appliance, it took a while but it stopped when loading it’s resource managers and threw the same error We also gave it some more CPU’s and more RAM to see if it was a resource issue, after powering on the VM it eventually threw the same error Unfortunately we are not doing backups of the appliance from OneView.

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