VMworld 2018 comes to an end

VMworld 2018 is over. As always I'm leaving with lots of great impressions and lots of content to digest and further explore over the coming weeks.

I think it has been even clearer after this year that VMware is focusing on their Cloud strategy together with partners like AWS and IBM, that vSAN is the storage solution they want you to go forward with and that together with NSX this will be the base for the future.

It was also interesting that only since last year the focus on Containers and Kubernetes has really picked up the pace with lots of new offerings and solution as well as the acquisition of Heptio.

The vision of Any Device on Any Platform on Any Cloud is still strong and the continued focus on Workspace One to bridge across these shows that. The security aspect comes to play in all of these areas and there's a strong focus on that as well.

VMware is also showcasing many of their social and community efforts and their focus on Tech as a force for Good, with Mercy Ships as one of their great examples on this. I believe we will see even more of this over the coming years.

I think the conference tagline, Possible begins with you, fits very well and summarizes it in a good way.

This VMworld was special for me in two ways, first I had the great opportunity to do a vBrownBag / VMTN Techtalk session on how we have built up our own performance monitoring solution (more on that in an upcoming post), but also because it was the first VMworld for me as a vExpert.

I can't wait for next year.

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