Release of HPE OneView 4.1

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Recently HPE released version 4.1 of their management platform, OneView.

We use OneView extensively in our environment and are always looking out for new functionality and features in the product.

Version 4.1 comes with some new promising features.

  • Secure remote troubleshooting with Remote Technician
  • Reduced downtime for firmware and driver updates for HPE ProLiant servers
  • Simplified cluster management and rolling updates

Especially the ability to schedule firmware upgrades and rolling updates on a vSphere cluster sounds exiting and are very welcome. I have hoped and asked for scheduling of firmware directly in OneView for a long time without the need for external componens like the Smart Update Tools (SUT) VM.

The OneView for vCenter plugin has also been something we have wanted to use for a long time, but we haven't been able to due to missing support for Enhanced linked mode and some bugs with the firmware update process through the plugin. Now we will hopefully be able to use it and leverage the strenghts in being able to control more processes from a single GUI.

I will very soon upgrade one of our OneView instances to 4.1 as well as OneView for vCenter 9.1 and hope to share some experiences from that.

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