HPE OneView 4 - First look

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HPE released it's 4th version of their OneView management appliance late in December. While version 3 was a great deal better than v2 and v1 I have some expectations on this release as well.

I think all versions have had value and the new features and functionalities presented has been for the better. Still it wasn't until version 3 I really felt that it was a solid product.

We've run v3 for almost as long as it has been available and have been happy with it. But, as always, there have been some features missing which we would like to se in the product. Our primary needs would be:

  • OS Deployment functionality
    • ICsp integration, Gen10 solution
  • Smart Update Tools integrated
    • Schedule your SPP upgrade/installation
  • Full BIOS management
    • Some BIOS settings, especially for PCI devices is not available
  • Filter/mute alerts/events
    • Mute stuff you don't care about

We do not have Virtual Connect in our environment so we do not care about any of those features and I don't now how well the product manages that part of things.

So, what has HPE delivered in this release?

Well, aligned with our primary needs or requests - Not much..

  • There is a new scope-based access control in place which looks nice
  • New security features like two-factor auth and SNMP v3 is in place, there's also some new stuff around certificate management
  • The Dashboard and other charts style is aligned with Global Dashboard
  • Range discovery of rack servers
  • Reapply server profiles
  • For Synergy customers there is also an enhancement for FW upgrading of Interconnect firmware.
  • Enhancements on SAN management and Volume creating/templating
  • And finally a few more integration partners is added

Read the Press Release with HPE's own marketing words here: https://news.hpe.com/hpe-oneview-4-0-streamlines-data-center-operations-makes-hybrid-it-simple/

Although the new functionality where announced a while back I must admit I'm a bit disappointed. I was expecting more of a new major release. Hopefully a new minor release will come in a short while with new features added.

The upgrade process itself is straightforward as it has been since the last versions. I had an issue with logging in with my AD account because of a broken certificate trust with our internal CA certificates, but after adding the Root CA to the Appliance certificate store (through the GUI) everything was fine.

If you use any of the OV integrations, like OV for vCenter, SCOM and such be sure to check if they also need to be updated to new versions.

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