I have had the great pleasure of speaking on a few events.

Runecast Virtual Conference 2020 - April

In April I delivered a session on the first ever Runecast Virtual Conference. The topic of the session was “Monitoring your VCSA through REST APIs”. The session recording is available here, and you can find the scripts and slides used on GitHub

Runecast Virtual Conference

VMware User Group Norway 2020 - March

I went totally out of my comfort zone and did a “Kubernetes for VI Admins” on the VMUG meeting in Oslo in march.

As a part of my studying for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam I found that there were a lot of new stuff to be aware of, at least on a high level, for an infrastructure administrator when it comes to the new “containerized” world. I thought that would be something others also would benefit from so I decided to do a “understanding-in-progress” kind of presentation where I invited the community to pitch in with their understanding and questions around Kubernetes and containers.

VMworld Europe 2019

I did a VMTN/vBrownBag Techtalk session during VMworld Europe in November 2019. The session was a short version on the sessions I have done at VMUGs lately where I build a monitoring solution for the vCenter Server appliance by using the REST APIs and open-source tools. The session recording is available on Youtube, and the slides and scripts used is available on Github

VMworld Europe 2019

Photo: Stian Barmen

VMware User Group Norway 2019 - June

I did a new “VMUG Tour of Norway” in June 2019. This time the focus was an introduction to REST APIs for VMware admins and also how you can use the REST APIs in vCenter to pull health stuff from your VCSA and build dashboards around them. The slides and demo scripts can be found here.


Presenting at VMUG Oslo

VMware User Group Norway 2018 - December

I did a VMUG session in December 2018 where I demonstrated how I’ve built out monitoring dashboards for vCenter and the VCSA through the new vCenter REST APIs. The slides and demo scripts can be found here.

VMUG december

Photo by Werner Forsbring

VMworld Europe 2018

In November 2018 I did a community session at VMworld. The session was a quick presentation and demo of the Performance series. The session was part of the VMTN Techtalks with vBrownBag and was recorded. The recording can be seen at Youtube. The slides and script used in the demo can be found here.

Speaking at VMworld 2018

VMware User Group Norway 2018 - May

In May 2018 I did a “VMUG Tour of Norway” where I gave sessions in three cities in three days - Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen. The topic of my session was my blog series on vSphere Performance Monitoring. The slides and demo scripts can be found here.

Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC) 2018

In February 2018 I did a presentation at the Nordic Infrastructure Conference, NIC, together with my colleague Martin Ehrnst. The topic was how you consume modern REST API’s with our favourite tool, Powershell. The slides and demo scripts from that session can be found here.

Martin Ehrnst and Rudi Martinsen at NIC 2018
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