Issue after migration of project.json

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I have recently installed Visual Studio 2017 and with that started to migrate some of my .NET Core projects to the new .csproj

Check out this post by Steve Gordon to get more background insight on the migration

This looks easy enough with the migration wizard in VS. And the first try on a class library seemed to work just fine.

However when revisiting the project a couple of days after the migration I get this in VS 2017:

Visual Studio error

I right-clicked the project and tried to Reload. The migration wizard pop'ed up and told me to migrate. I accepted this only to get a message saying that it couldn't find the project.json file:

Visual Studio error

I could see that the .sln file still had a reference to the xproj file so I tried removing the project and readd it. This seemed to have done the trick (not sure if I actually could just have fixed it in the .SLN file directly though).

Later I found this "fix" from . It states that it should have been solved, but I installed VS just last week and had the issue so there's probably more to it

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