New Year New Look

I've run my blog with a customized version of the Mainroad theme for Hugo and been happy with it, but with a new year and new hopes I thought it might be good to make some changes to the look and feel on the blog as well so I decided to make the switch to the Hugo Clarity theme.

I've wanted to play with the Clarity design framework before, also for my blog, but last time I did theme changes I hadn't the time and energy to try to create a theme by myself.

A little over a month after I changed my blog theme to Mainroad the Hugo Clarity theme was released by Chip Zoller and ever since it has been something I wanted to test out for my site and now that time has come.

I do like the design very much, I think it's cleaner and more "modern" than the Mainroad theme. There's more of course, with the most important to me being the Dark mode feature and the code formatting features which is better than my current theme. The mobile support is also better, but this wasn't my top priority as most of my page views come from desktop devices.

I have a couple of things that I'd like to see in the theme, which I also missed in the Mainroad theme:

  1. Reading time / count of words (feature request already exists)
  2. Search - this is something I'm missing today as well (feature request already exists)
  3. GitInfo information on posts, like last modified etc
  4. Related items - display a list of related posts

I'll add some feature requests for these and hopefully it can be implemented. The two latter I've implemented in my own fork of the theme

Huge thanks to Chip Zoller and Dan Weru for putting together the theme. If you want to check it out for yourself check it out

I know I have some cleaning up to do on some old posts, like images and code formatting, which I'll go through in the coming days. If you find anything that doesn't look as it should please let me know

This page was modified on January 3, 2021: Added missing link