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Next week I'll set out on a "VMUG tour" where I'll attend and speak at both the Trondheim, Bergen and Oslo branches of VMUG Norway.

I did the same last summer and that was an amazing experience so I'm really looking forward to this tour.

The focus of my session this year will be on vSphere REST APIs where I will give an introduction to REST and how you can utilize it when working with a vSphere environment. The title of the talk is "vSphere REST APIs for the VMware Admin" and I'm aiming it at virtualization admins with little experience at working with APIs.

In Trondheim and Bergen I will also bring in the session I did at VMUG Oslo in December where I used the VCSA APIs to extend our vSphere Performance monitoring solution.

The events will also include an introduction to NSX from one of VMware's partners in Norway.

Event details and links:

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