Import-SpbmStoragePolicy error - Object reference not set to an instance of an object

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In a previous post I’ve talked about issues in the StoragePolicy and Tag cmdlets in PowerCLI. I found a workaround by ignoring certificate warnings and setting my date format to en-US.

Today I tried to replicate some Storage Policies from one vCenter to another and I found that I got new errors…

I can export the policies without issues, but when I try to Import the policy to the new vCenter I get the following error: »Object reference not set to an instance of an object». Update 2018-04-06: VMware has confirmed the issue and stated it will be fixed in PowerCLI 10.1

SPBM error

I double-checked my workaround found in the mentioned blog post, but that was in place. I tried the same command on a machine without the workaround and I got the same error.

There has been released a new version of PowerCLI so I tried to update PowerCLI (which by the way is really easy with the move to PSGallery).

Even with the latest version (VMware.VimAutomation.Storage I get the same error

SPBM error

I did try the Tag cmdlet as the screenshot shows which didn’t work on this machine earlier, and that bug seems to be fixed in this release!

I’ve filed a Support Request with VMware, but I guess I might need to argue a bit to have them look in to it. Last time I were told that PowerCLI wasn’t supported, even though this post from the PowerCLI PM, Kyle Ruddy, clearly states that it should be.

To be continued…