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I've thought about opening up for sponsorships previously, but never really decided if that is something I wanted to do. Partly because of possible interest conflicts, but also because I'd have to maintain analytics, report on views etc

This blog is my personal blog and the content is created mainly on my spare time. The blog is my way of documenting things I find interesting and also a way for me to reinforce learning by writing about things that I do. I'm not in the "blog business" to make money, but there is a few expenses coming with it like domain names, lab equipment etc.

Often I get contacted by people reading my blog and ask me for a bit of help and advise on the topic they've read about. And I try to help as much as I can, and I'm happy to do that. After a few of these people asked why I didn't have a way for them to donate a small amount I started thinking about opening up for that so here we are...

So, if you like my work and want to donate a coffee or two I'm happy to accept that, if not that's also fine. I will not ask for donations by the people I help, this is just for opening up for the people who really wants to.

This page was modified on March 18, 2021: Donate